Thursday, July 29, 2010

flying words

under construction

an explosive gesture

With this proposal, we intend to do an experiment to investigate the relationship between gesture and poetry, context and place, sign and content, use and value.

Our intention is to invent a machine that exploits what we think. We will analyze contexts, places... and where thought and action take us.

The machine will fly up words.

The words fly as our thoughts. Our bodies process sensations, memories, desires, perception... languages, phonemes, synonyms, insults, verbs, circumstantial nouns... Our bodies fly in airplanes and in our dreams. Cross or try to cross borders just as thought tries, sometimes, to release themselves from themselves...

a GESTURE POETRY MACHINE, of words, thoughts, images...
as an explosion in the air.
Disempower the word of their meaning...
When ignition is activated, the course of the words can give evidence of its ambivalence.
We may wish to control it beforehand, but as an explosive gesture we can't control its course and significance.