Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WTWLT - experiment 2 - WE ARE GERRYING

“crossers” WTWLT 2: Fernando Quesada, Aimar Pérez Galí, Antonio Caballero, Iolanda Murakame, María Grande, Alexis Upierre, Cristian Duarte y Paz Rojo.


Idea: GERRY shares WE

Place: a dance studio

Time frame: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Basic task: to create, invent games and situations in between. Perceiving the actions simultaneously and in a co-implicated way by those who are creating it (instead of making it happen through explication or a common agreement)

Necessary materials: any object that you can find in this or the other rooms (dressing room, toilets…etc) you can use at any moment; a handy mobile camera with which you may take photos, or a photo camera; a computer from which you may want to play some music at some point.


Everything is a GERRY or it is GERRYING.

Gerry is a verb that is a subject, object, circumstance, quality, action, question.

Possible strategies

You may want to begin the experiment relating persons and things asking yourself the following (or using these uestions not literally but in action.). Please, notice that your perception of these uestions may change at any moment through out the experiment:

Where is gerry?

What is gerry?

How does gerry feel?

What is gerry doing and how?

Where did gerry go?

• In order to help yourself in the activity of Gerrying, you can use as Gerries all the objects you may find in this or the other rooms.

These are some of the registered images of the experiment “WE ARE GERRYING”: