Friday, June 10, 2011

how does Gerry feel?

apt? in Vienna, Impulstanz festival
ProSeries 2011 - July 25 - August 5 | 13:30 - 19:30, Kabel
children's games, pieter bruegel

"a piece...together?" is an artistic framework that holds the question and the problem of: what, what for, to whom, which and how WE is, from a variety of practices (choreographic, diagrammatic, experimental, performative) with which we pretend to communicate the question of WE today, as one that is political, philosophical, existential, kinetic, corporeal and social expression.
On the occasion of this ProSeries Project and together with the participants this research, "a piece...together?", will conclude in a performance-event at ImPulsTanz.

In the framework of "a piece...together?" we elaborate strategies for problematisation of what it means today to make, to be, to move, and to think together: the meaning of the verb "to piece together" suggests an assemblage made by different parts and/or facts that are apparently incoherent and that are separated in between them. In the middle of the parts (a piece) and together (each one of us), there are suspended dots in between as little and micro parts suspended and suspending in between the thing to do and the people involved as uncertain continuities. In short, the title "a piece...together?" suggests the question for making or constructing in common, about thinking with new words and new corporeal engagements the autonomy of WE in its most embodied forms of precariousness, chaos, senselessness and dispersion; how to hold that together and what would be the implications and consequences of such.

In "a piece...together?" we will propose collective games, corporeal experiments, performative anonymous gestures and cartographic practices co-relating to the indicative present of the world in between each one of us through crossings and breakthroughs in a choreography of crashes and discontinuities. In this sense, and with a co-(i)mplicated and reflective desire, which "a piece...together?" proposes for this ProSeries Project, it emphasises on the idea of a choreographing process, research, transversality and participation, becoming generator of a Choreographic-Share-Able Project.

To that end, we invite participants to hold the question(s) of improvisation, unpredictability, amusement, uselessness, radicalism and (why not?) high concentration, because...

How to distract and to unproject the totalising image and/or sometimes imposed project of the concept of WE? Which would be the conditions and the necessary practices that could liberate its sense? How can we dispose the sense of WE without legitimising it or, doing it, under any democratic premise of equality? How can we dispose WE in a plural and co-implicated way? Is it possible to sustain a coherent WE in plurality? And for how long? How can we dispose the body and its senses in a horizontal, plural and sharable way (without the predominance of the I/eye?) With what kind of tonalities can we dispose body and thought if we expose the sense of WE in plurality? In another way: Could we invent a name that also sensibilises WE as one that doesn’t know how to articulate itself yet, and probably will never do? Which is the use and value of being and losing time together? Isn’t it true that sometimes losing time (which, who's, what time?!) is a way to give time and thus to open other fields of perception and sensibility out of the dominant and known ones? What does imply to reconsider perceptively and sensibly the use, the value, the production, the functionality and the time of our implication in the world?