Thursday, July 15, 2010

a piece...together?

apt? is a work frame that investigates different artistic practices, experiential archives, gestures and experiments in between words, actions and inter corporeal experiences.

apt? is an artistic investigation framed as a fractal economy of informal knowledge and collective experiences.

In apt? different practices are developed in various contexts and through different collaborations; that’s why apt? isn’t a project of two but of - every and no one - at the same time.

apt? could be a movement of movements, of gestures, diagrams and of intertwined corporealities.

(apt?) is a technology that asks itself, in between improvisation and unpredictability. And, because it is aware that (it is and, it isn’t necessary at the same time) it is, at times, in between brackets.

apt? puts itself at stake and plays simultaneously with concepts and with the bodies that experiment it.

apt? tries to co-relate the indicative present of the world, through crossings and break-throughs that operate against the dominant and obvious reality that, we sometimes, impose to ourselves.

In between uselessness and radicalism, apt? wishes to pierce the reality of the bodies that think-move it in between.

apt? is a joyful and thinking way of learning that sustains both, the question and the problem of what for, to whom, which and how WE is.

Collaborators apt? #1: Cristian Duarte, paz Rojo, Lucas Condro and Natalia Tencer, in residency at L’animal a l’esquena (Gerona), made possible with the support of PRODANZA (Buenos Aires).

Crossers apt? #2: Quim Pujol, Pere Faura, Arantxa Martinez, Guillem Mont De Palol, Jorge Dutor, Aimar Pérez Galí, Edu Villanúa, Antonio Caballero, Mo Pascual, Oscar Dasi, Orestes Pérez-Estanquero, Cristian Duarte and Paz Rojo.

Crossers apt? # 3: Fernando Quesada, Cristian Duarte, Aimar Pérez Galí, Antonio Caballero, Silvia Sant Funk, Paz Rojo, Iolanda Murakame.

Crossers apt? # 4: Fernando Quesada, Cristian Duarte, Aimar Pérez Galí, Paz Rojo, Antonio Caballero, Iolanda Murakame, María Grande, Alexis Upierre.

Collaborator apt? # 5: Leo Nabuco, Cristian Duarte, Paz Rojo

Assistants apt? # 6: Bruno Freire, Bruno Levorin, Carolina Mendonça, Leandro Berton. Ana Dupas, Rodrigo Andreolli, Cristian Duarte, Paz Rojo and many others whose name we don´t know...

Financed by: IBERESCENA (co-production) 2009-2010; CCE (Centro Cultural da Espanha), São Paulo; MINC – Lei de Incentivo à Cultura - Programa de Intercâmbio e Difusão Cultural.

With the support of: y Lo Real fulgura (Madrid); DESABA (São Paulo); L´animal a l’esquena (Gerona); Teatro-Museo Pujol (Barcelona); La Caldera (Barcelona); coLABoratorio (Rio de Janeiro); Festival Contemporâneo de Dança (São Paulo).