Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WTWLT - experiment 1 - THE WE GAME

“crossers” WTWLT 1: Fernando Quesada, Aimar Pérez Galí, Antonio Caballero, Silvia Sant Funk, Iolanda Murakame, Cristian Duarte y Paz Rojo.

This experiment was for the first time crossed with the fractal “the table word game”.


Idea: To construct a discourse together

Place: a dance studio

Time frame: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Basic Task: In between verbal language and action, you might map out and articulate performatively what, whom, how, why, what for, when, where “WE”.

Necessary materials:

• a big table (consider its size depending on the amount of participants that will join the experiment);

• a paper that covers the table;

• lost of color pens;

• a handy mobile camera;

• a computer from which you may want to play “songs” at some time.


We can only speak using the pronoun “we” (so we are not allowed to speak through I, you, he, she, they, it)

• We cannot negate or make questions in return

• We can only affirm, add, support what it is said or done

• Through out the experiment you may map out the concepts, entries, access points that are at stake at the moment and that can support the build up of the discourse and the action together

• Relate and cross the concepts, entries, access points in the map together with what is happening and what it is graphically manifested over the table.

• You may feel that you want to relate performatively with what is written and what is spoken and what it is activate it in the experiment.

• At the same time, we are all responsible and in charge of the registration of the event. During the experiment we pass on the camera from one to each other, eye to eye, point of view to point of view, sight to sight recording what is going on.

Unfortunately we lost the documentation of the experiment due to a camera’s error. After being exposed greatly during an hour and a half to the question of WE. In order not to fall into frustration, we decided to record a video in which, as a way to recall and critically think over what happened, we would speak over again about what we did.