Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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we think, we like that is a movement performance. The basic question we ask is:  What are two, or more bodies, holding the question of WE? How to embody the intercorporeality and the inter-relation that is sustaining them? 

This performance consists on the creation of a construction that insists on sustaining the problem and the question of whom, what, what for and how...WE.

In between a-significance and the name, as if we would be kids, or as if our curiosity and tonalities would not be other than be-in-contact-with and to make-with-out-futures.

we think, we like that intends to elaborate conditions for a certain kind of affirmation on things, relations and affects. Therefore, we are trying to elaborate a practice that uses a tool we call: “WE ARE GERRYING”.

At the same time this proposal is fractalized into open working sessions to the question of WE.

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