Wednesday, July 21, 2010

(the question mark experiment) tool

(the question mark experiment)


xxxxxxxxx (name of who invites) invites you to participate in the experiment (the question mark experiment) (include logo is optional):

WHEN: Date and time

WHERE: address

GETTING THERE: address references

If you want to join the experiment, you should consider the following parameters, conditions and strategies:


• Idea: Keep the question of what, for whom, why, where, who, how, we together here?

• Location: A private house, which is also a public space, because there are artists in residence;

• basic task: making a continuous useless construction-situation;

• Duration: 3 hours (tolerance of late comers - maximum 20 minutes).


• Together in a private house in which we are, both, intruders and hosts;

• We are not allowed to talk or explain anything about what we are doing;

• There is no purpose to be achieved;

• We can not finish what we started;

• Being constantly busy, put your attention on things, people, objects, actions;

• Being in touch with more than one thing simultaneously (minimum 2).

Possible strategies

• Let yourself be carried away by curiosity and amusement;

• Provide others with: food, drinks, music, movies (youtube);

• Prepare something in the oven;

• Take pictures or videos recordings with your mobile phone or similar;

• To promote conversations that can produce questions;

• Remove, relocate, rearrange the furniture in the house;

• Involve others in things you do;

• Help others in what they are doing;

• Ask the help of others on what you are doing;

• Create fictions: During the experiment you man feel the need to create fictitious situations (or stories, or games). NOTE: A fiction should not impose a result that convert the experience into a performative act. If using this strategy you should consider the following: How to enter fictitious situations so that they are not perceived just as performative acts, but can be perceived, discovered, shared by all?

• Bring a object or objects that you would like to work with;

• Reduce or accelerate your normal tempo.

Please confirm attendance by email: xxxxxxxxx

More Info: xxxxxxxxxxx

Greetings and name of who organizes/invites