Tuesday, August 24, 2010

flying words

an explosive gesture


With this proposal, we want to investigate the relationship between gesture and poetry, context and place, sign and content, sense and movement, use and value.

Our intention is to invent a machine that explodes what we think. We will experiment with places and situations and, there where thought and action take us, we will turn on the machine.

The machine will fly up words.

Our bodies fly in airplanes and in our dreams. Cross or try to cross borders just as thoughts try, sometimes to release themselves from themselves. “Flying words” is a choreography of words without a predetermine direction, which is planned under the conventional principles of any narrative, or fiction: beginning (departure, ignition), development (flight and climax), and end (arrival or landing).

We may pay attention to the moment when ignition is activated and, the trajectory of the words and how they flight give evidence of its ambivalence. We are aware that to “fly out words” enables a decomposition of meaning and a trajectory conditioned by the circumstances that surrounds them (like the wind that moves them in the air or the intensity of the explosive that flights them). You may think that, by flying out words we are moving them ahead, or that we expect to release a “utopic and exoteric liberation” of them. But what we consider here is, that each flight implies a movement and that itself “exploded” implies a demobilisation or an interruption of its usual, obvious and dominant trajectory.

These words don’t wish to be free, but to be disposed, moved and returned in smoke and warmth.

With this gesture we’d like to redefine “the problem of verbal language in relation to sensible experience”, therefore, we are interested in “the experience that touches” (the one that resonates in the ears and that leaves behind traces of images that breath and smell smoke). In this sense, we could control them beforehand, but as, an explosive gesture, we don’t wish to control their course and significance. Therefore, “Flying words” is an aesthetic and ethical event. A GESTURE POETRY MACHINE… an explosion of sense(s) flying in the air.

Flying words 1: October 2010, city of Sao Paulo, Brazil (exact date and place to be confirmed soon)