Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the table-word game

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the table-word game is a diagrammatic experiential practice whose results are:

a map that is a relational field of knowledge production and, that participants may carry on to their own framework, and use it for further experimentation of their questions, points of crisis and problematization.

a table that is an object over which you read again how your initial vocabularies have been crossed, performed and shared collectively.

a video of a plan sequence in which you can observe and reflect upon:

· how thought can be experienced as a plasticity of performative actions, movement and images adapting and modifying all the time.

· the transforming experimental process of your vocabularies and actions

· about how those are experienced and moved collectively

· about how those could become future “entries” or “access points” to consider new actions, concepts, problems or questions.

- this game is partly inspired by the lab-publication VOCABULABORATORIES (Project facilitated by Manuela Zechner and Paz Rojo)