Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what do we mean by "fractal"?

The artistic process of apt? allows us to approach the complexity of the world in a critical way. Therefore we have been setting up experiments, forms of intervention and gestures in a process of continuous review, thinking of our work frame as an opener of participatory and transversal investigative processes, that wishes to create specific contexts, looking for cracks, leaks and/or creating holes in the dominant reality. In this regard, in apt?, we investigate different formats and visibilities without one single economy, so we use the idea of "fractal economy" or "fractality" as a possible definition of this mode of thinking, creating and producing.

In short, it is as elaborating a training for problematization and handing in to other some tools to address other futures.

We are interested beyond the aesthetic realm and, therefore, with a co-implicated and reflective desire, these fractals give emphasis on the idea of process, research, transversality, participation and implication, making each one of them become a generator of a share-able project.

Fractals in which we are currently working are: nosotros hablamos (a performative reading), the table-word game (tool-box process documentation and performativity), we think, we like that (a practice to cancel "the image"); we make room (an artefact); (the question mark experiment) (a meeting effect) and flying words (a series of explosive gestures).