Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WE THINK, WE LIKE THAT - experiments

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 WTWLT is also an experiment proposal to share with others. Through out an open call, we invite people to add themselves as participants to the work-frame of We think, We like that.

The questions that frame WTWLT are:

How to distract and to unproject the totalizing image and/or sometimes imposed project of the concept of “WE”?

Which would be the conditions and the necessary practices that could liberate its sense?

How can we dispose the sense of WE without legitimazing it or, doing it, under any democratic premise of equality?

How can we dispose “WE” in a plural and co-implicated way?

Is it possible to sustain a coherent WE in plurality?

And for how long?

Which is the relationship in between the name WE and its verbalism (the action), meaning “to WEing”?

What kinds of senses and/or linguistic inventions, thus ways of existence, appear when we verbalize the name?

How can we dispose the body and its senses in a horizontal, plural way and sharable way (without the predominance of the I/eye?

With what kind of tonalities can we dispose body and thought if we expose the sense of “WE” in plurality?

What happens when “the name” is of the senses of those who perceive it, thus the name’s sense is shared perceptively and sensibly instead of rationally directed or legitimazed?

Should we necessarily work only with the name “WE” or, is it rather possible to consider another name that can put WE at stake, share it as well as abstract it?

In another way: Could we invent a name that also sensibilizes WE as that that doesn’t know how to articulate itself yet, and that it will probably never do?

Could then “GERRY” be a name but an action, a relationship, a landscape, a dessert, a quality, a planet of people and things, spaces and objects intertwined among themselves in contact?

Is it possible that by acting a “Gerry” we can sustain and valorize the sense of WE in its inevitable decomposition and disfunctionality?

How do then WEing and/or GERRYing fragalizes us?

How individuals shared by different GERRIES can find places of complicity trust and support?

Which is the use and value of being and losing time together?

Isn’t true that sometimes “losing time” (which, of whom, what time?!) is a way to “give time” and thus to open other fields of perception and sensibility out of the dominant and known ones?

What does it imply to reconsider perceptively and sensibly the use, the value, the production, the functionality and the time of our implication in the world?

The first two experiments regarding these questions took place at La Caldera, Barcelona on the 4th and 5th of August 2010.

In the first session we focused on the name of WE. During the second session we worked with the name of GERRY. On the following, we describe which are the parameters, conditions and possible strategies with which we worked in each session:

WTWLT - experiment 1 - THE WE GAME

WTWLT - experiment 2 - WE ARE GERRING